Kevin Picchi

Building a portfolio of profitable online micro-businesses.

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Kevin's online businesses:

The #1 AI Native Language Buddy for learning 300 languages & dialects.


The #1 Twitter Outreach Tool for Boosting Sales and Generating Leads.

A payment page optimisation service, that increases sales conversion by levraging AI and smart upsell.

WinkiMail (shutdown)

Email service software that allows you to collect, segement and send emails to a lot of people at once (cheap and fast).

SlidesLeads (shutdown)

A service that make it easy to create surveys, giveaways, quizses, polls and generate leads from your presentations.


An application that allows you to freeze your webcam when you're in Zoom meetings or play a video instead. Available on Windows and MacOS.

An ecommerce website that sells products for watch fanatics, who are looking to build their own watch.

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Kevin's work featured on

  • 2022 - Tech Talk Y'all podcast by Sanjay Parekh & Adam Walker
  • 2022 - Live on RMC (French TV channel)
  • 2021 - On demand delegation service (closed)
  • 2021 - Tiktok: 1.4M views (English)
  • 2021 - Tiktok: 848.9K views (English)
  • 2021 - Tiktok: 737.8K views (Spanish)
  • 2021 - On air With Ryan Seacrest: If You Have Zoom Meetings, You Need to Know About This Sneaky App
  • 2021 - The Economic Times: How to get out of those video calls
  • 2021 - MaxiApple: Simulate A Bad Zoom Connection
  • 2021 - SiecleDigital: The application to voluntarily freeze your camera during a video!
  • 2021 - ProductHunt: FreezingCam release